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VisionLiDAR is designed to simplify and automate work for LiDAR point cloud processing in the air, on the ground and in motion.
Import your data from any scanner and get qualitative and intelligent point cloud skimming, intelligent complex volume calculation with tetrahedrons (for overhangs) and many others.
Process effectively over 25 billions points. Quickly and precisely calculate the volume between two surfaces, sections or complex volumes (overhangs), recognizing objects in a point cloud. Classify your points intelligently to avoid losing the original data. Its unique object classification method facilitates virtual land surveying. Accurately calculate the size and circumference of a pipe from a point cloud, making your land surveys from a vectorized point cloud. Process your land, mobile and air points with the same software and easily share your site surveys from the point cloud to your CAD.
With VisionLiDAR, you now have a new and better way to acquire field data directly into your office.



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