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GPS Tracking Server

ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is a web-based GPS tracking platform based on the core GIS components of Map Suite, which can be deployed to provide full-featured GPS tracking anywhere in the world. You can customize the system easily via its modular tracking device support and robust developer APIs, or gain full control with the available source code option.

ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is the ultimate solution for a developer-centric GPS tracking system.


Full-featured GPS tracking

At its core, Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is a fully-featured GPS tracking platform. Even before you begin customizing, you'll have a complete web-based GPS tracking system that you can deploy right out of the box.

Core features of ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GPS Tracking Server include:

  • Spatial fence, speeding, and panic alerts
  • Internationalization per login
  • Many supported types of GPS tracking hardwareA large number of supported types of GPS tracking hardware
  • Global map data available through OpenStreetMap
  • Google Earth Professional integration
  • Reports utilizing SQL Reporting Services
  • Customizable alerts and device data
  • Web services API for creating and managing assets, accounts, and users

Customizable GPS tracking device support

The Map Suite GPS Tracking Server communicates with your tracking devices via a "listener", or a small piece of software that interprets and transmits signals to and from a particular type of GPS tracking hardware. You can easily develop your own customized listeners for nearly any kind of GPS tracking device using our .NET SDK and Device Simulator tools, or you can select from one of our available pre-built listeners.

ThinkGeo has already developed listeners for a variety of popular tracking devices on the market today, including the ones found in the list below. Visit our Supported Tracking Devices wiki page for the most complete and up-to-date list.

  • Sanav CT-24, CT-58
  • Sanav GC-101, GX-101
  • DCT Antares
  • Enfora MT-GL
  • Meiligao VT310
  • CalAmp LMU-2000 - 4000
  • Orion EasyTrac
  • Orion SpeedTrac
  • Xexun TK102 & TK102-2
  • Xexun TK103 & TK103-2

Take security seriously

Map Suite GPS Tracking Server can be secured with a wide array of technologies and uses a comprehensive users / groups / resources security model to provide finely-grained permissions throughout the system.

  • HTTPS / SSL encryption
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Custom password strength enforcement
  • Option to prevent multiple simultaneous logins
  • User / Group permission expiration
  • Encrypted passwords

Fully customizable with available source code

ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GPS Tracking Server offers a variety of avenues for customization, enhancement and extension including:


Global OpenStreetMap data included

The Map Suite GPS Tracking Server integrates free map data with global coverage by utilizing OpenStreetMap's API. This is a free and lightweight means of bringing in map data without a massive storage footprint or costly licensing. It's also easy to integrate any premium or custom map data that you source yourself.

  • Global OpenStreetMap coverage included free
  • Ability to integrate your own custom data in Shapefile, GML or TAB formats
  • Ability to integrate your own satellite imagery in MrSid, ECW or JPEG2000 formats
  • Also compatible with premium online map services from Google Maps and Bing Maps (third-party licenses may be required)

Brand your tracking system for you or your clients

You can change the look of your Map Suite GPS Tracking Server's web-based frontend to match your corporate colors and branding. The GPS Tracking Server was designed as a white-label solution to be branded, from the ground up, so that you can offer it as your own with a similar feature to your clients. Our white-label solution offers you:

  • The ability to modify user interface colors and aesthetics
  • The ability to import your company logos
  • The ability to see your domain name
  • The tools to create extensive CSS customization as needed

Scale your GPS tracking solution

You can scale your Map Suite GPS Tracking Server to support thousands of devices and large amounts of data. Whether it's a single server or a web farm in the cloud, your GPS tracking operations can grow or contract along with your business.

The Map Suite GPS Tracking Server:

  • Supports web server load balancing
  • Supports GPS tracking device listener load balancing
  • Was tested to support thousands of GPS tracking devices reporting every minute
  • Offers a user interface designed for massive amounts of data